Why Hire a Specialized Staffing Agency for Warehouse Staffing?

As many warehouse and plant managers already know, staffing can be an HR nightmare. You've got minimal time to ramp up manpower for upcoming project deadlines, and it probably feels like you're spinning your wheels, but not gaining traction. As a solution, you might have decided that hiring a staffing agency to fill those voids is the best option for you. But will any generalized staffing agency work?


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Is a Specialized Staffing Agency Necessary?

Ask yourself this: How important is an employee's attention to detail to you? To the task they'll be doing? If your answer is that it's EXTREMELY important, then working with any generalized staffing agency is NOT the best solution, especially for staffing in the light industrial industry. Here's why you'll want to rely on a specialized staffing agency instead.


Most staffing companies can staff any position ranging from administrative/clerical, accounting and light industrial. 100% of our weekly interviews are dedicated to the light industrial industry compared to generalized staffing firms that need to interview candidates for positions such as customer service, administrative assistant, accounting clerk and light industrial.

Our Primary Focus is Warehouse and Industrial Staffing

All our staffing managers do all day long is recruit for warehouse and manufacturing positions. We work hard to create true partnerships with our employer customers, and become an extension of our customers’ Human Resources Departments. Part of how we do that is by learning the company culture, the personalities of the staff to make great matches, their changing needs and challenges.


We offer a vast variety of testing that is adjusted depending on what our customers require to find the highest caliber of skilled and unskilled employee. In fact, roughly one-third of the applicants that go through our staffing agency don't pass the preliminary evaluation. This helps to save time and eliminate under-experienced staffing and turnover. Our testing evaluations also provide us with a better insight of a potential employee's true skill level.

Here When You Need Us... Ready Even When You Don't!

Things happen daily – job orders come in with urgent deadlines, and our team prioritizes them daily during our daily team meetings. Because of this sense of urgency, we align with our customers so we can find the perfect job applicants to add to their staff and flex with their needs as their schedules change, adding and removing shifts. Our staffing managers hold roughly 150 interviews per week, ensuring that even if there isn't a staffing need today, an immediate position can be covered very quickly if and when the need arises.



Ready to Join Forces?

You can never have too much knowledge and experience on your side when it comes to hiring. So, if you're considering outsourcing for your staffing needs, why not work with a team that is 100% laser-focused on your industry's particular needs? Let Action Logistix be an extension of your Human Resources Department, so you can focus on the more pressing matters of business operations! Enjoy the many benefits of outsourcing warehouse staffing needs. Click the 'Book a Meeting with Josh' button or fill out the form below to get started with a conversation!



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