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Why Hire a Specialized Staffing Agency for Warehouse Staffing?

As many warehouse and plant managers already know, staffing can be an HR nightmare. You've got minimal time to ramp up manpower for upcoming project deadlines, and it probably feels like you're spinning your wheels, but not gaining traction. As a solution, you might have decided that hiring a staffing agency to fill those voids is the best option for you. But will any generalized staffing agency work?


Our 'Secret Sauce' to Expert Warehouse Staffing

Most staffing companies can staff any position ranging from administrative/clerical, accounting and light industrial. So, you may be asking yourself 'what makes Action Logistix different and why is it important to work with a specialized logistics staffing provider?' The answer is simple, really. 100% of our weekly interviews are dedicated to light industrial industry staffing compared to generalized staffing firms that need to interview candidates for positions such as customer service, administrative assistant, accounting clerk and light industrial.