Our 'Secret Sauce' to Expert Warehouse Staffing

Most staffing companies can staff any position ranging from administrative/clerical, accounting and light industrial. So, you may be asking yourself 'what makes Action Logistix different and why is it important to work with a specialized logistics staffing provider?' The answer is simple, really. 100% of our weekly interviews are dedicated to light industrial industry staffing compared to generalized staffing firms that need to interview candidates for positions such as customer service, administrative assistant, accounting clerk and light industrial. 


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Our Staffing Approach

Our primary focus is based solely on finding you the qualified high-caliber employees that best fit your needs. Based on over 16 years recruiting experience, our team understands the logistics industry and have developed specialized testing geared specifically to the Light Industrial industry. That's what makes us different!


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Specialized Positions

We're dedicated to finding the right talent for your needs. Our team can provide a wide array of experience and skills, whether you're needing entry level positions filled or have specific skilled positions open.


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There are several things we do to ensure we're finding the right candidates to fill the positions you have open. We call this process the 3 Point Employee Verification System.


3 Point Employee Verification System

Our 3 Point Employee Verification System is the “bread and butter” to finding the highest caliber of employees. Our specialized skills evaluations are a fail-safe tool that is utilized on every employee who applies with Action Logistix.


Our experience has shown that 25% - 30% of applicants do not pass these evaluations. Coupling our nationwide background checks, 5 panel urine drug screens, and any additional tests required for a particular position, our customers are assured that every employee is qualified for their position - from entry level warehouse, to forklift operators (stand-up or sit-down) to highly skilled machinists/machine operators (CNC, cell, blow-mold, injection-mold) and welder (MIG/TIG).


3 point employee verification system


Make Action Logistix Your #1 Warehouse & Industrial Staffing Solution!

Our specialization provides key elements for your business’s success in finding a higher caliber of employee. What this means for your business is lower employee turnover and greater production. We are your dedicated staffing company focusing solely on warehousing and manufacturing industries, serving the Greater St. Louis and Metro East areas. For more information on the services we can provide for your staffing needs, click here or call Josh at 314-757-0904 today!




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