Matching Employees to Culture through Behavioral Interview Questions

Hiring can be a very difficult process, especially when time is of the essence, but you know that making the wrong hire can really hurt your overall cost and ultimately cost you projects. Fortunately for you, our specialized best-in-class prescreening process evaluates potential employees for warehousing and manufacturing competency before assigning to your company!


Our proven and unique evaluations are geared solely for the logistics industry with the goal of finding the highest caliber employees to increase your productivity and reduce turnover. One of the reasons we are so successful in staffing companies like yours, is that we implement behavior-based interview questions and strategies to help you get past first impressions and ultimately hire the right fit for your company culture.


Why Behavioral Interviewing is so Important

Behavioral interview questions allow us to glean pertinent information about the interviewee. This allows us to obtain a better overall view of what a candidate would be like in the workplace by encouraging them to articulate their experience in particular situations. Additionally, by including open-ended behavioral questions such as “tell me about a time you overcame objectives to meet a pressing deadline”, this creates an opportunity for detailed follow-up questions that will allow us to learn more about the candidate's real-life work experiences or lack thereof.

Behavioral Questions Allow More Transparency

Asking traditional interview questions that are common to nearly every interview process can (and often do) lead to a poor hire. Anybody who does a little bit of preparation before the interview will be able to answer questions such as “what are your strengths and weaknesses” or “tell me about yourself”. Behavioral questions, however, are easily customizable to the employment position at hand. Since they can be so specific, it's more difficult for prospective candidates to prepare for them, allowing more transparency for us to see past the surface of a well-polished and rehearsed interviewee.

Eliminates High Risk Hires

One of the pros of behavioral interviewing is that it enables almost all candidates to interview more effectively. Some people will always be better storytellers than others, but even candidates who are naturally shy or introverted can come alive when you ask them behavioral interview-style questions. It is much more comfortable and easy for a candidate to tell you a story than respond to a firing squad of questions. Oftentimes, we see that once the interview begins, applicants will quickly become comfortable speaking with our recruiters and will openly and willingly share information they may not have been willing to share in a traditional interview setting. This can lead to a higher level of transparency and honesty, which in turn can eliminate potential for a high-risk hire.

Better Fit for Your Company Culture

An often overlooked, but crucial part of being able to perform well in the workplace is the ability to work well within the structure of the company culture. While many candidates have great skills and work histories, they may not be the best match for the company's culture. Behavioral interviews allow us to gain a deeper insight into the personality and the drivers of each individual. If a potential applicant is team-oriented and has relevant previous experience, but the position they are applying for requires high levels of autonomy, they are probably not the right fit for that role. The only way to determine this upfront is by employing behavioral questions in the interview process.


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